I’m having difficulties making my payments to ReAssure due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) – what can I do?

We understand that your finances may be strained at present and you may be looking to reduce your outgoings where you can. ReAssure is here to help you.


If you can’t pay into your ReAssure policy we’ll do our best to be flexible and help you understand your options. It’s also important to understand that stopping paying in now may permanently reduce or end any cover or guarantees your policy may have.


If you’re interested in reducing what you pay to ReAssure use the below form to send us an online request. If you’re able to reduce your payments without risking guarantees or valuable insurance cover we will carry out your instruction and let you know when this is done. If reducing the amount you pay means you’ll lose such benefits we’ll be in touch before doing anything.


Submit your request to reduce the amount you pay

(We need this information to update our records to look into your request. You can find out more about how we use personal information by viewing our full privacy notice.)