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We want to make it easy for you to keep up to date with your clients’ policies. From 22nd to 28th October 2021 we’re moving all Financial Advisers from Adviser View to a new, secure online portal – ReAssure Now – to enable you to access your clients’ ReAssure and ReAssure Life policy details in one place in the future.

ReAssure Now makes it easy for you to see information about your client’s policies anytime, anywhere. As part of the change, all of the policies currently linked to your Adviser View accounts will be automatically moved across to your users’ Clients lists on ReAssure Now. You’ll also be able to add any other ReAssure policies.

Registering for ReAssure Now

We’ve written to your company’s FCA registered address to let you know about the change from Adviser View to ReAssure Now. We just need one of your firm’s Principals to complete our online form and nominate a ReAssure Now Administrator who will be responsible for the day-to-day administration of your ReAssure Now account.

Principals are authorised signatories who are holders of the positions shown below:

– Regulated Director
– Regulated Chief Executive
– Regulated Partner
– Regulated Compliance Oversight

If you haven’t completed your ReAssure Now Administrator Nomination and Access Form yet, it’s really important that you submit this as soon as you can to ensure your online access with ReAssure continues smoothly following the change.

What if the form isn’t completed?
Your company’s online access with ReAssure is dependent on us receiving the details of your ReAssure Now Administrator. We need to register their details before they can activate their own account or set up accounts for other employees, otherwise you won’t be able to access ReAssure Life data online once Adviser View is no longer available.

Further information about the changes

ReAssure Now gives you access to clients’ policy information at the touch of a button.

You’ll be able to:

view up-to-date information about policies, such as current valuations, fund breakdowns, any cover provided and how much is paid in.

see what policies could be worth in the future using FCA-projected values and assumptions.

view and download commission statements as PDF and CSV files, so you’ll no longer need to receive them via email or post.

download policy data in CSV format, enabling you to export information easily and filter what you need.

maintain your current portfolios in ReAssure Now. We’ll bring across your portfolios from Adviser View.

switch funds at portfolio and individual policy level.

contact our customer service teams online by secure message and view our replies.

access our Help for Advisers section, which covers the most common questions you may have, including how to use secure messaging, what we will/won’t accept via secure message and general help for advisers.

Access to fund information

ReAssure’s comprehensive fund centre is supported by Morningstar, rather than Financial Express and provides access to all ReAssure Life fund information and performance data alongside ReAssure’s funds. There’s an enhanced policy search which also retrieves invested and available funds based on individual policy numbers.

The Uscan investment analysis tool will be decommissioned.


Third party valuation data access through client management software

Once your clients’ policies are showing in your ReAssure Now Clients list, you’ll have the option to receive ReAssure policy valuations data through Intelliflo Office if you want to. You’ll need your own Intelliflo Office account and you’ll be able to access the ReAssure app through Intelliflo’s app store. You’ll need to wait until your ReAssure Now Administrator account has been activated to switch the feature on and enable the data to be sent to Intelliflo.

We’re not currently planning to enable policy valuations data to be sent to any other third party providers at the moment. You will need an Intelliflo account if you wish to access ReAssure policy valuations in this way. However we’re continually reviewing our online services and may expand the list of supported providers over time.

Changes to policy valuation services doesn’t affect the separate provision of Electronic Data Interface (EDI) services, and this will continue to be provided by all third parties.

Is there a change to online access for my clients too?

Customers who currently use the Online Customer Centre (OCC) will also move to ReAssure Now. We’ve contacted them to let them know about the move and about any changes or updates they may need to make to get the best online experience. You can see examples of what we’ve sent to customers here. Customers will be able to see the same policy features that you can, with the addition of seeing letters that we’ve sent to them.

Other important information

ReAssure Now doesn’t support Unipass digital certificates. If your company currently uses Unipass credentials for Adviser View, they won’t be able to use them to log into ReAssure Now, but will instead use the log in details they create.

Feature availability

Some features of, or things you can do on, ReAssure Now are linked to specific products, policies and/or funds. This means they may only be available on a particular product type, or some but not all of your policies. Availability of some self-service transactions can also depend on individual circumstances and also on how policies are set up.

When we develop new features, we try to provide the things that will give the maximum benefit to as large a group of our customers and Financial Advisers as we can, which may mean that some products or features may be further away in our development activities.

Controlling the quality of our online data is also incredibly important to us. If we detect an issue with any policy data, we may also temporarily restrict the availability of a feature or a policy to enable us to correct any issues, ensuring that the information available is accurate and up-to-date.

Help and support

To see how to register and use ReAssure Now watch our demonstration video:

Is the transfer of business happening now?

The changes happening towards the end of 2021 are the move of ReAssure Life (former Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance) policies to an industry-leading administration system. The policies will continue to be looked after by ReAssure Life Limited and administered under the ReAssure brand. The products being moved are the same as those involved in the 2020 rebrand from Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance. This is not the legal Part VII transfer of business to ReAssure Limited, which is proposed for a later date.

Am I able to obtain backdated values from ReAssure Now?

ReAssure Now gives you the most up to date values and FCA-projected values. Although backdated values can’t be viewed online, you can request these from us by secure message if they are needed for a specific reason, such as to help with a divorce enquiry.

Can I download policy information from ReAssure Now?

Policy information is available to download in CSV format, which can be easily exported to spreadsheets if required. A CSV file provides details such as funds, valuations and cover where applicable for all available policies from your ReAssure Now Clients list.

How can I make sure I’m able to see all of my policy valuations in Intelliflo?

The data feed we send includes all policies from your ReAssure Now Clients list. To ensure that all of the data we send is being matched with a policy record in Intelliflo, there’s a few things you can do.

  • Check the policy numbers match
    There may be slight differences to how the policy numbers are presented or formatted between ReAssure Now and Intelliflo, such as a ‘-1’ or ‘/1’ missing from the number in Intelliflo. You can log in to ReAssure Now to check the policy number from your Clients list, and then arrange for this to be updated in Intelliflo to match.
  • Check for missing policies
    You may just need to check that the policy numbers from your ReAssure Now Clients list are also included in your Intelliflo account and if not, arrange for them to be added in Intelliflo.
    There may be occasions when we’ve temporarily restricted the availability of a policy valuation to enable us to correct any issues. Where this applies a valuation can’t be imported into Intelliflo for that particular policy, or policies.
  • Check the provider name
    Your Clients list may include policies which are now managed by ReAssure but were originally issued by other providers, such as:

• American Life Insurance Company Limited (Alico)
• Gan Life (formerly General Portfolio)
• Guardian Financial Services
• HSBC Life (including Marks & Spencer)
• Legal & General (Mature Savings unit)
• Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance
• Windsor Life Assurance

These policies may still have their original provider ID name in Intelliflo. You should be able to update the Product Provider in Intelliflo Office to ReAssure UK. If you experience any problems or have any questions about this, please get in touch with Intelliflo and arrange for the Product Provider ID to be changed to ReAssure UK (736).

How do I switch funds in ReAssure Now?

Fund switches can be completed through either a portfolio or an individual policy within ReAssure Now. Multiple switches for one specific client or for all policies in a specific fund can be done through the portfolio functionality, using either an existing portfolio or by creating a new one and adding the policies and fund(s) that you want to switch to it.

If you need to switch funds on policies which can’t be completed through ReAssure Now, such as policies with active income withdrawals, or with the option to have income distribution, you can find the forms in the Literature & Support section of Adviser Hub

Alternatively you can confirm the details in a secure message, or email a spreadsheet of the switches to

What help is available for Financial Advisers within ReAssure Now?

In the Help for Advisers section of ReAssure Now, registered users can read more information about their ReAssure Now roles, and find help with features specifically for Financial Advisers. You can view this information here.