Coronavirus update

Our latest update (23 March 2020) on how we are reacting to coronavirus

We take our responsibilities as an employer and as a vital part of your finances very seriously. Like many businesses across the country it’s very likely that our service may have to change because of coronavirus.

We’re working hard to limit the effect on our customers, especially if they’re vulnerable

The wellbeing of our staff is incredibly important which may mean there are times when we have fewer people in our offices dealing with customer requests. Equally many customers rely on us to pay them their money on time. For these reasons if we have a reduction in staff during this period, our efforts will be to make payments on time and pay claims quickly. This may mean that other requests may take longer than normal.

We are a strong financial partner

ReAssure group has just published strong financial results which you can find here. We’re financially prepared to withstand difficult periods such as this. Fitch (a global leader in financial information) has on 20 March 2020 confirmed that ReAssure Ltd’s Insurer Financial Strength rating is ‘A+’ (this rating includes Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance).

How we’re doing at the moment

Our serving teams in Telford and Romford may be affected differently and work on different systems. This means that you can’t call the other office if you can’t get through to your normal office for any reason.

Currently our offices are as follows:

Romford  (Retirement Account customers and for customers whose policy used to be with Barclays Life):

  • Call centre: unaffected
  • Secure online messaging: unaffected – click here

Telford (everyone else)

  • Call centre: unaffected
  • Secure online messaging: unaffected – click here