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Unit linked fund information (not including unitised with-profits funds)

We have a wide range of funds, including a ready-made fund (Mixed Investment Fund) which is designed for long-term growth and it follows our responsible investment strategy.

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Click the tool below for fund prices, performance figures, fact sheets and fees and charges for each fund (as a percentage) – check your annual statement to see the actual amount of fees and charges you’ve paid for your whole policy. Further details on charges and how they’re taken from your policy can be found here 


The value of the units in any fund is not guaranteed and can go down as well as up.


If you need help reviewing your investments, you should speak to a Financial Adviser. You can find a Financial Adviser in your area at

With-profit funds information

Money paid into the policy is invested in a with-profits fund, together with the savings of other policyholders. Bonuses are then added to the policy, depending on how the investments in the with-profits fund perform. These policies normally have a minimum guaranteed value at certain points, such as maturity.


You can find out how your investment is performing from your most recent annual statement.


There are four with-profits funds that ReAssure customers are invested in: the LG With-Profits Fund, the Guardian Assurance With-Profits Fund, the Windsor Life With-Profit Fund and the National Mutual With-Profit Fund, and different funds can be invested in different assets. If you’re not sure what kind of with-profits fund you’re invested in, you should look at your most recent annual statement.


ReAssure have appointed a With-Profits Committee, who are responsible for managing the with-profits funds and making sure the interests of with-profits policyholders are appropriately considered. If you’re looking for more detailed information on the With-Profits Committee, you can read the Governance of With-Profits policies page.

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