Ready made fund form

We have a wide range of funds, including a ready-made fund which is designed for long-term growth and which follows our responsible investment strategy. This is called the Mixed Investment Fund and you can find out more about this fund here.


This is one option if you want to keep things simple.


We recommend you get independent professional advice from a Financial Adviser if you're unsure what to do. A Financial Adviser can make a personal recommendation based on your individual circumstances and the options available to you. If you don't have an adviser, visit for further information. You may have to pay for any advice you receive.


Only complete this form if:

  • you're the policyholder.
  • you didn't take out your policy with Barclays Life.
  • your policy isn't in a Retirement Account.
  • you're switching all of your money into the ready-made fund.
  • you want any money you pay us in the future to go into this fund.


If you want more control over your investment, want to invest in more than one fund, or this form isn’t suitable as explained above, you can tell us here.

If you are a Retirement Account customer, you can make your request here.


If you are currently invested in a With Profits fund, it is important that you consider this option carefully as:

  • you may not be able to switch back into the With-Profits fund once you’ve left it
  • leaving the with-profits fund early may mean you have to pay a Market Value Reduction. This is a charge to make sure everyone in the with-profits fund only receives their fair share. We’ll contact you first if this applies
  • a Final Bonus will increase the amount that’s paid to you, but this can change daily.


We are collecting this information to help identify you and process your enquiry. Your contact details will be retained to support the on-going servicing of your policy. You can find out more about how we use personal information by viewing our full privacy notice here.

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Your Name
We offer an optional feature which gradually moves your money into lower-risk funds in the five years running up to your retirement date. This is sometimes called lifestyling.

There are three versions of this feature depending on retirement option you are most interested in. You can find out more about this feature here 

Please tick the box that best applies to you
Remember: If your retirement plans change, then you should change your option too. You can start, stop, bring forward or delay the process and you can change between the three different options at any time. If you already have this feature on your policy, it will be cancelled.

So that we know when your pension needs to be prepared for, you need to tell us when you plan to retire:

As you’ve chosen a date less than five years in the future it will start straight away. For example if you give us a date two and a half years in the future (so halfway through the process) your money will be moved immediately into 50% Mixed Investment fund and 50% funds matched to your retirement option.