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We’re developing the Adviser Hub to provide relevant content for all representatives of ReAssure customers. At the moment, our focus is on helping advisers of customers due to rebrand from Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance to ReAssure on 13 June 2020.

If you’d like help with anything else, our Contact us page explains the ways you can get in touch with us.

Which products will change to ReAssure?

The policies that will change are all Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance policies, which is also known as the Old Mutual Wealth ‘Heritage’ business. There will be no impact on investment and pension products held on the Old Mutual Wealth platform.

Here’s a list of products that are part of the business acquired by ReAssure and will be included in the rebrand.

Personal Pension Scheme (PPS)

Personal Pension (PP1 – PP6)

Buy Out Bond (BB6)

Personal Contracted Out Bond (PCO)

Personal Retirement Account (PRA)

Select Personal Pension Account (SPA)

Free Standing Pension (FS1 – FS4)

Free Standing AVC Account (ACA)

Framlington Monthly Premium Pension Plan (FRM)

Framlington Single Premium Pension Plan (FRS)

Framlington Annual Premium Pension Plan (FRA)

Skandia Pension Plan (SPP)

Independent Pension Plan (IPP)

Independent Pension Bond (IPB)

Series 2 Pension Trustee Bond (TI2)

Series 5 Pension Trustee Bond (TI5)

Series 6 Pension Trustee Bond (TI6)

Trustee Retirement Account (TRA)

Institutional Investment Plan (IIP)

Personal Retirement Income Account (DAA)

Personal Pension Income Plan (DA1 – DA3, DA6)

Employee Benefit Plan (EBP)

Directors Plan (DP)

Executive Pension Plan (EPP)

Self-Administered Pension (SAP)

Executive Pension Scheme (EPS)

Executive Pension (EP1 – EP6)

Executive Retirement Account (ERA)

Maximum Investment Plan (MIP)

Skandia Endowment Plan (SEP)

Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP)

Capital Investment Bond (CIB)

Flexible Investment Bond (FIB)

High Investment Bond (HIB)

Capital and Income Bond (CAB)

Skandia Investment Bond (SIB)

Assured Performance Bond (APB)

Skandia Distribution Bond (SDB)

PETA Bond – Pure Endowment and Term Assurance (PEB)

Enhanced Allocation Bond (EAB)

The Skandia Plan (TSP)

Skandia Lifetime Plan (SLP)

Permanent Protection Plan (PPP)

Protect Life Cover (LC1)

Protect Critical Illness Cover (CI1)

Protect Long Term Care (LT1)

Frequently Asked Questions

The sale was completed on 31 December 2019, following a thorough process to ensure customer outcomes were safeguarded and receipt of regulatory approval.

This decision to sell Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance was not taken lightly and came after a strategic review by the Quilter Board. They concluded that it is in the longer-term best interests of customers that their policies are managed by ReAssure, a company focussed on managing legacy life insurance policies. The sale was subject to regulatory approval to ensure customer outcomes were safeguarded.

Here’s what Quilter had to say about the deal:
We believe ReAssure is an excellent home for Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance as it’s a well-established, highly regarded company that is committed to delivering excellent customer outcomes and has values similar to our own.

We’re not making any changes to the terms and conditions of your product as a result of the change in brand. Your client’s policy number(s) and any benefits will stay the same.

No, the rebrand won’t affect fees or commission, and you will continue to receive payments to your account as before. The only change you will see is that payments will come from ReAssure and not Old Mutual Wealth.

Online Customer Centre

Customers who use the Old Mutual Wealth Online Customer Centre will be able to access their policies online using the ReAssure Online Customer Centre. This will provide the same information and services that are currently available. Access to this will be available through our website at

When they first access the ReAssure Online Customer Centre they will be asked to reset their password. Full instructions will be provided.

If you have clients with other policies that remain part of the Old Mutual Wealth platform, they will be able to view them using the existing online services, however they’ll no longer be able to view ReAssure policies alongside them.

Adviser View

Adviser View will be rebranded and will remain available with all of the same functionality. You will be able to access it through this Adviser Hub.

Not much will change as a result of the rebrand, other than you’ll be writing to, or speaking with, ReAssure.

Our customer contact email address will be If you normally correspond with us by email, email addresses will end with

The postal address and phone number won’t change because the same experienced people, based in the same office location in Southampton will continue to support you.

There will be no changes to products accepting new business due to the rebrand, including top-ups into existing contracts and the ability to add new members to existing Group Personal Pension schemes. You’ll be able to find out more about this in the ReAssure Adviser Hub from 13 June.

In almost all cases you will still be able to use Old Mutual Wealth-branded forms, although anything we send you from 13 June 2020 will be branded as ReAssure.

In the unlikely event you return a form to us that we can’t accept, we’ll contact you to let you know what you have to do.

We’ll continue to provide fund information using the same Financial Express service that’s available today. It will work in the same way as it does now and following the rebrand, you’ll be able to access it from both the Adviser Hub and the Fund Centre.

There will be no changes to fund availability as a result of the rebrand. Investment choices are unaffected and the same fund range is available.