If your circumstances change due to a particularly difficult period in your life, or you face challenges that may come from physical or mental disability, let us help. We can provide additional support.

Our staff are provided with the training and skills to recognise these challenges and respond accordingly. They can record any additional requirements you may have and signpost to additional support, where appropriate.

Financial understanding

John is in his mid 50s. He contacted us when he was looking to retire as he felt overwhelmed by the options available and unsure how his pension investments would work in the long term. He didn’t feel confident that he had enough financial knowledge to make the right decisions.

When and how you take your pension is a big decision. It can affect how long the money in your pension pot lasts.

John shared his concerns with us and we talked him through his options step by step, including the option to take financial advice, so that he could make the best decision based on his circumstances. We also pointed John to our online guides where he could learn more in his own time and at his own pace.

John was also delighted that we were able to book him an appointment with Pension Wise from MoneyHelper – a free and impartial advice service set up by the government with support available online, by phone or face to face.

Further support

MoneyHelper provides information on the options available for pensions and retirement. Our customers use this free and impartial service to learn more about how to make the most of their savings.

Change of financial situation

Jack is in his early 30s and found himself in a difficult financial situation following the COVID-19 pandemic and the cost of living increases. With his financial priorities changing, he was looking to understand what options he had for his protection policy.

COVID-19 affected us all in different ways and lots of people now face unexpected challenges. At ReAssure we want to help you find the right balance between what you need today, and what you will still need to rely on later in life.

When Jack shared his circumstances with us, we talked him through the option to reduce or temporarily pause his contributions during this difficult time. We explained how he could continue saving for his future at a later date.

We also pointed Jack to advice services which might be able to support with tax and state benefits during this time.

Further support

MoneyHelper provides information on budgeting, banking, savings and benefits. Our customers use this free and impartial service to learn more about how to make the most of their savings at ReAssure.

Health condition

Sophie is in her early 40s and was recently diagnosed with cancer. As a result, she was unable to continue working in her freelance job and she began to worry about her finances. She was unsure what options she had for her pension during this difficult time.

Managing your finances can be overwhelming when you’re unwell.

When Sophie shared her circumstances with us, we explained that government regulations typically require a policyholder to be aged 55 or over in order to access the money in their pension.

However, we were able to talk Sophie through what options she did have based on her individual circumstances. This included the option of an ill-health early retirement claim and the option to reduce or temporarily pause contributions into her pension during this difficult time.

We pointed Sophie to advice services which might be able to support with tax and state benefits and we helped her update her beneficiaries.

Further support

MacMillan Cancer Support can provide physical, emotional and financial support to help you live life as fully as you can.

MoneyHelper is a free and impartial service set up by the government to help people make the most of their money.

Communication challenges

Louise is in her early 60s and recently had a stroke. This has affected her speech and can make phone conversations difficult. She began to worry about how to contact ReAssure in order to manage her policy.

Facing barriers to communication can be extremely frustrating.

Louise shared her concerns with us. We recommended using our secure online portal, ReAssure Now, or contacting us online. You can use our website to let us know many things such as when you’ve changed address, if you want to change where your money is invested, or to inform us when someone has died. We explained to Louise that she would receive the same excellent service and she would also benefit from being able to digest information in her own time.

We talked Louise through the option of adding authority for someone else to her policy, to allow a trusted person to contact us on her behalf.

Further support

We want all our customers, including those with visual, hearing, cognitive or motor impairments, to be able to access our products and services. Please let us know how we can help you.

Some customers with visual impairments have requested an e-mail copy of any letters we send by post. Having these letters in an electronic format means they can zoom in to make the font size bigger or use technology like ‘type-to-talk' to read out the information.
By using our secure online portal, ReAssure Now, customers also have access to letters in an electronic format.

How to contact us

Most general requests can be completed online. You may find this link useful if you want to:

  • Update your home address
  • Change your bank details
  • Change where your funds are invested
  • Cash in your insurance or investment policy
  • Update your beneficiaries

or you can find our contact details on our Help centre.

How to ask for support

You can call us or send a secure message using our online portal, ReAssure Now. You might find this particularly useful as you’re able to digest any information in your own time. If you don’t already have access to ReAssure Now, check here to see if your policy is eligible.

Here are some details about other organisations that can help, although we can’t take responsibility for any information received from them.

Making key decisions about retirement

This is a free and impartial service set up by the government to help everyone make the most of their money and pensions.
0800 138 7777 moneyhelper.org.uk

Pension Wise from MoneyHelper
If you are aged 50 or over you can use this free and impartial service set up by the government to help you understand your options at retirement.
0800 138 3944 moneyhelper.org.uk/pensionwise

Financial Advice
A Financial Adviser can make a personal recommendation based on your individual circumstances and the options available to you. You may have to pay for this.
You can find a Financial Adviser at moneyhelper.org.uk/choosing-a-financial-adviser

Worried about scams?

If you want to find out more about scams or suspect a scam, go to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
0800 111 6768 fca.org.uk/scamsmart

How to manage debt and financial difficulty

Citizens Advice Bureau
This offers debt and counselling support.
03444 111 444 citizensadvice.org.uk

National Debt Line
This offers free, impartial debt advice.
0808 808 4000 nationaldebtline.org

Mental health and wellbeing

This charity provides emotional support to anyone in emotional distress, struggling to cope, or at risk of suicide in Britain and Ireland.
116 123 samaritans.org

Rethink Mental Illness
This charity aims to improve the lives of people severely affected by mental illness through local groups and services, expert information and training.
0207 840 3008 mentalhealth-uk.org

Dealing with illness and its impacts

Macmillan Cancer Support
This charity provides information, guidance and support to people whose life has been affected by cancer.
0808 808 000 macmillan.org.uk

Cruse bereavement care
This charity offers bereavement support, advice and information to children, young people and adults.
0808 808 1677 cruse.org.uk