Our business

Our strategy is to be a major life and pensions consolidator in the UK market by offering companies who wish to exit from closed books of business the opportunity to do so, and to provide excellent customer service to our acquired policyholders.

ReAssure’s performance

ReAssure Group Solvency and Financial Condition Report 2018

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ReAssure Limited Annual Accounts 2018

ReAssure Life Limited Solvency and Financial Condition Report 2017


Our values

The ReAssure brand is a commitment to our customers that reflects our values:

We aim to provide the best service we possibly can. That’s why we’re always trying to improve. Highlights of some of our recent and ongoing initiatives are:

  • Improved clarity and content of our letters, so key messages are clear and easily understood.
  • Restructured our website so navigation is clearer and information is easier to access.
  • Partnered with leading independent investment research provider, Morningstar®, so customers can access fund information, including investment strategy, historical performance, portfolio, risk rating and fees.
  • Responded to government changes to pension rules by changing the way we work and offering our customers access to a wider range of retirement options.

Since we began over 50 years ago we’ve acquired and integrated numerous blocks of policies from other insurers, such as Legal & General, Guardian, Barclays, GE and Zurich. This has helped us grow into a company that has approximately £70 billion of assets, and over 3 million policies on our books.

As part of ReAssure, you’ll be with a company that aims to carry on growing. This allows all our customers to benefit from the economies of scale that a large, well-run company brings.

We recognise that the 2,300 staff we employ in our UK offices are our most important asset. By progressing them through a carefully structured, career-focused, training framework we can build up their knowledge and expertise, and help them achieve nationally recognised, industry standards of professional competence. It also means they’re able to provide the high level of customer service that we expect.

Our history

It’s likely you didn’t take your policy out with us

With a proven track record of successfully integrating blocks of pension, insurance and investment business stretching back over 30 years, ReAssure is the ideal home for your policy.

We’ve bought blocks of business from several providers over the years, including Old Mutual Wealth, Legal & General, Guardian, HSBC, Barclays Life, Alico and National Mutual (Tomorrow). Read more about our history, including the various companies we’ve transferred policies from, below.


The Occidental Life Insurance Company Limited is originally incorporated.


The business has a name change to Life Casualty & General Insurance Company Limited.


Moves in to the Royal Borough of Windsor and adopts a name change to Windsor Life Assurance Company Limited.


The continued growth and expansion of the company requires relocation to Telford. A new office is built and named Windsor House.

1982 – 1988

The success of growth allows acquisition of UK Life, New Zealand Life, Continental Life and Grosvenor Life.  Windsor Life manages more then £75 million of funds under management.


The acquisition of Gresham Life is added to the portfolio of business.  Windsor Life doubles the company policy base and increases the assets of the business.


Windsor life company status changed by the regulatory body from a small tier to a middle tier financial organisation.  Windsor Life also acquires Aetna Life.


Crown Financial Management is acquired by Windsor Life. The acquisition increases Windsor Life asset to £2 billion.


There is a two block transfer of life and pensions business. The first unit is from the UK business of Lifetime, a subsidiary of Bank of Ireland.  The second unit is from Combined Life, a subsidiary of Aon.


The acquisition strategy continues with the purchase of RFSG (UK) plc and GAN UK plc.


Swiss Re purchases Zurich Financial Services in its first overseas UK deal.


Swiss Re acquires all shares of Windsor Life parent company Life Assurance Holding Company.


The acquisition strategy continues with the purchase of Reassure UK and Virgin Money Life.


The business of the GE Life group of companies is added to the portfolio of acquisitions.


Successful migration of the business of NM Life and NM Pension Ltd, by Part VII Transfer.


Barclays Life Assurance Co. Ltd is acquired.  Windsor Life book of acquisitions has grown to more than £14 billion and is servicing more than one million policy holders.


Windsor Life is rebranded to ReAssure. Successful integration of Barclays Life by Part VII transfer.


Successful transfer of almost 300,000 policies from Alico UK to ReAssure.


Acquisition of the pension and annuity business of HSBC Life (UK).  This saw around 350,000 customers transfer to ReAssure.


Successful purchase of Guardian Financial Services and transfer of policies to ReAssure.


Successful migration of over 700,000 former Guardian policies onto ReAssure’s system.

ReAssure also agreed a deal to purchase 1.1 million policies from Legal and General.


The sale of Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance ‘Heritage’ policies to ReAssure is completed.


Phoenix Group completes the acquisition of ReAssure Group plc.

Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance becomes ReAssure Life Limited.

Successful transfer of more than 800,000 policies from Legal & General to ReAssure.


ReAssure Life Limited policies successfully migrated onto ReAssure's system.


The Swedish, Norwegian and German policies of ReAssure Life Limited are transferred to Phoenix Life Assurance Europe dac.