Combining your pension pots

Over your working life you can end up with several different pensions with different providers. Some people find it easier to bring their pensions together into a single policy to make it simpler to keep an eye on and make changes to your pension plans.

Not all policies are the same, so it’s important that you don’t give up valuable benefits if you move your savings from one pension to another.

If you’re over 55 you can bring all of your pensions together with ReAssure into the Retirement Account. There are some restrictions about what transfers we’ll accept and the government may require you to get advice before you make this decision. You can find out more about whether you’ll need to take advice below.

Download our factsheet explaining the effects of your transferring your pension

Managing the risks to your pension pot

Often customers select funds that they’d like to be invested in when they take out their pensions and don’t review this for a long time.

At different times in your life you may have different attitudes to risk. Your attitude to risk is important as it affects how much of you money you have in riskier and less risky investments. If you don’t change the funds that you’re invested in to match your attitude to risk you may be putting your retirement income in jeopardy.

The Money Advice Service (MAS) has put together a ‘Know your risk appetite guide’ which gives you tips on how you can assess your attitude to risk. There’s also a guide that explains how you can spread your money across different investments to help manage investment risk called ‘Diversifying – the smart way to save and invest’. You can download these guides at

If you’re unsure about whether you need to switch funds, or what funds you’d like to switch into, you should speak with a financial adviser (FA). You can find an FA in your area at

Download our factsheet explaining how you can manage the risks to your pension pot

The Government encourages retirement saving by offering tax relief. For any contributions you pay into your a pension, we’ll automatically collect basic rate tax relief on your behalf. This means that, assuming your basic rate of tax is 20%, for every £80 you contribute into your account, the Government boosts this by £20.

There are limits to how much tax relief you can receive, and to make the most of this you should understand how this may affect your contributions.

The lifetime allowance is the maximum amount of pension savings you’re allowed to build up during your lifetime without paying an additional tax charge.

It’s important that you understand how the lifetime allowance may affect your retirement savings. The standard lifetime allowance (SLA) is currently set at £1,073,100.

Most of us will be entitled to a State Pension but it’s not paid to you automatically – there are a few things you have to do first.

Your entitlement to the state pension will affect how much you have to support your retirement, so you should understand what you’re likely to receive.

Find out more from the government.

We've produced a factsheet which tells you more about how you can manage the risks to your pension pot.

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