Bonds are investment policies that can run for either a set term or indefinitely. Some bonds also allow you to draw a regular income.

It’s also possible for bonds to provide life insurance.  This could be based on the value of the policy, or how old the person covered is when they die.

Types of bonds

Bonds can work in different ways:

Money paid into the bond buys units in one or more investment funds. The value of these units can go up or down in line with the investments that make up the fund, affecting the final value when money is taken.

Money paid into the bond is invested in a with-profits fund, together with the savings of other policyholders.  Bonuses are then added to the policy, depending on how the investments in the with-profits fund perform. These bonds normally have a minimum final value (known as the sum assured) which is added to any bonuses due when money is taken.

ReAssure offers the Select Portfolio Bond to existing customers who wish to invest additional lump sums on top of what’s held in an existing bond, or who need to set up a new bond under a Discounted Gift Scheme where the original lives assured have died.

Allows you to invest a lump sum.

Select Portfolio Bond explained

The Select Portfolio Bond is a bond that allows you to invest a lump sum. You have the option to take withdrawals from the bond.

Why you might have this policy

You may have taken out a bond because you had a lump sum to invest, or to set up a bond under a Discounted Gift Scheme.

Important documents

The Key Features Document explains how the Select Portfolio Bond works.

The Key Information Document tells you what you might get back from the Select Portfolio Bond. It uses figures which are based on an example customer, and were calculated using past performance figures.

If you apply for a Select Portfolio Bond we’ll send you an illustration, which will also show what you might get back from this product. It will use figures which take into account your circumstances and choices, and will be calculated using estimated future growth rates.

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Fund prices

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Making a claim

How do I access the money from my bond?

If your bond runs for a set term, you’ll receive a letter from us shortly before its maturity date which will tell you what you need to do to claim your money.

If you’d like to cancel your bond and receive its current value, please call us and we’ll let you know what you need to do next.

If you’re looking to claim the money from a bond as the person covered has died, please call us and we’ll put you in touch with one of our claims handlers to help you start your claim.