Digital Essentials is now live!

Digital technology is everywhere, and we know it can feel hard to keep up.

ReAssure is now part of the Phoenix Group, and we want to make sure you get the full benefit of being part of the UK’s largest long-term savings and retirement business.

We’re working with other Phoenix Group companies to develop a short series of help videos and downloadable guides, which we hope will make navigating the world of digital technology seem a little less overwhelming.

What the Digital Essentials guides will be covering

We won’t be focusing on the kind of topics you might expect from a financial company. We want to concentrate on the key skills everyone needs to build their digital confidence and make the most of the technology that’s out there.

We’ll explore a range of subjects, like the different ways you can access the internet and how you can make sure you’re staying safe with the latest updates.

Who are these materials for?

Maybe you want to grow your own digital skills, or perhaps you’re the expert that family and friends turn to for help. We’re creating a library of free resources that anyone can access for support and guidance in using digital technology and staying safe online.

How to access the guide materials

You can access the guidance materials here. We’ll update the site with new materials as we continue to expand and cover more topics.

We’d love to hear what you think

We’re starting small, but we’re planning to deliver a range of materials to help customers develop their digital skills – and you can help us focus on the right things.

We’d love to hear any suggestions and ideas you think would be useful to others just starting their digital journey, or how we can improve on our existing resources. It’s quick and easy to leave us feedback here.