ReAssure Diversity and Inclusion statement

ReAssure is passionately committed to being an inclusive employer. We believe that an inclusive culture is vital in enabling us to achieve our strategy.

To accomplish our goals we need the best talent, and this comes from a broad and varied range of backgrounds. Being a company with wide-ranging ideas, and different experiences helps us to innovate and to address the changing needs of our diverse customers and clients.

Whilst we believe that diversity is good for business, we also believe that it is fundamentally the right thing to do and this is reflected in our Employee and Leadership Values.

A Focus on Inclusion

At ReAssure, we’re focusing on Inclusion. We believe that if you build a culture that is truly inclusive, one where everyone can be their true self, you will achieve diversity.

Diversity and inclusion is not just a numbers game, it is not just about ticking boxes to say we employ certain quotas of minority groups. We do believe that publishing targets and holding our Executive Team accountable for embedding an inclusive culture helps to signify our commitment. It focuses attention on delivering the cultural and behavioral changes we want to achieve.

We’ve been working with our employees to understand what they feel would help make ReAssure a more inclusive place to work. We will be talking about and acting on a range of initiatives that support minority groups to help our organization to become truly diverse.

One of our first announcements is that ReAssure supports the HM treasury Women in Financial Services Charter.

About the Charter

The Women in Financial Services Charter is a commitment by HM Treasury and signatory firms to work together to build a more balanced and fair industry. This reflects the government’s aspiration to see gender balance at all levels across the financial services.

The intent behind the charter mirrors our aspirations at ReAssure and our commitment to create a level playing field for all, as well as focusing on the specific challenges around gender equality in the financial services industry.

Further information about the Charter can be found here.

Our Pledges

David Harrison, ReAssure’s Chief Risk Officer and Diversity and Inclusion Sponsor said: “I’m delighted to pledge our support to the Women in Finance Charter and pleased to see that this important issue is firmly on the Government’s agenda.”

ReAssure supports the Women in Finance Charter by committing to the following pledges:

  • Appointing a member of our senior team who is responsible and accountable for diversity and inclusion, including gender diversity.
  • Set and publish internal targets for gender diversity in senior management.
  • Publish progress annually against these targets in reports on their website.
  • Have an intention to ensure the pay of the senior executive team is linked to delivery against targets on gender diversity. We will do this by reporting progress to Swiss Re Group as part of the annual qualitative assessment of performance, contributing to the executive team Annual Performance Incentive.

At ReAssure we have set ourselves three targets which we feel are credible, and will help deliver change in our organisation:

  • 36% of senior management to be female by 2020;
  • 41% of senior management to be female by 2025, and
  • ReAssure will be acting on a range of initiatives to help our organization become truly diverse including, broadening the application of unconscious bias training and reviewing key processes to ensure they are gender neutral.