Women in Finance Charter Update

We strongly believe that creating an inclusive culture and striving for diversity is not only the right thing to do, but that it also makes us better at what we do.

When we pledged our support to the Women in Finance Charter in 2017 we set ourselves three targets:

  • 36% of senior management to be female by 2020;
  • 41% of senior management to be female by 2025, and
  • ReAssure will be acting on a range of initiatives to help our organisation become truly diverse including, broadening the application of unconscious bias training and reviewing key processes to ensure they are gender neutral.

Since signing up to the charter ReAssure has undergone a significant amount of change. This includes further growth and restructuring our business to support an Initial Public Offering (IPO). These changes, in particular those to achieve operational separation from our parent company Swiss Re in readiness for an IPO have significantly altered our business.

Because of the changes to our business and to ensure it remains relevant we have chosen to move to a new definition that authentically reflects our Senior Management team.

Using our new definition of senior management, female representation currently stands at 33.3% compared to 30% at this point in 2018.  We are confident that our new definition is the right thing to do and reflects our commitment to the Charter; it does, however move us further from our target than our prior definition under equivalent circumstances.

We’re pleased with the progress we have made at a time of significant change and growth. We will continue to work towards building an inclusive organisation to help us achieve our 2020 targets.