It’s important to save for your retirement

Auto enrolment helps you to do this by having your employer both set up a pension for you and pay contributions into it alongside your own. Even if you aren’t eligible to be automatically enrolled, you can still ask to join the pension scheme if you wish.

Your employer will automatically take any contributions you need to make from your pay on a regular basis and pay it into your pension along with any contributions they make. You do have the option to opt-out within one month of being enrolled, and receive a refund of any contributions paid as well.

We’ve provided links to some useful documents and other pages on this website that you can use to find out more about auto enrolment and how to save for your retirement.

Useful documents:

Being prepared for automatic enrolment

This is our guide to help you understand auto enrolment and how it affects you.

Opt-out Notice

You need to download this form if you’re within the opt-out period and want to opt out of your pension.

Group Personal Pension 2000 Plan Key Features

This is the Key Features Document for the pension you’ll have if your employer has an auto enrolment scheme with ReAssure.

Group Personal Pension 2000 Plan Member Booklet

This is the Member Booklet for the pension you’ll have if your employer has an auto enrolment scheme with ReAssure.

How to find funds

Universal funds:

  • Simply select ‘Universal Funds’ from the ‘Original Policy Provider’ dropdown below

For all other funds:

  • Look at your most recent annual statement and type in the name of one of your funds into the search box below. From this we’ll be able to show you funds that are only available to customers from your original policy provider and your policy type.

Please note that not all funds will be available for your particular policy. Remember if you look at the total charges for any of the funds, you may also have product charges too. If you want more about product charges or available funds you can call us on the normal number.

The majority of our prices are shown online in pence (GBX) apart from former Alico funds which are shown in pounds (GBP).

The value of the units is not guaranteed and can go down as well as up.

Promoting investor engagement

How ReAssure manages investments on behalf of its customers
Find out more

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