Claims Management Companies

You may have noticed a growing number of companies offering to submit complaints to financial institutions on behalf of customers.  These firms are known as Claims Management Companies (CMCs), and they make money by taking a fee from any compensation paid.

Do I need to use a Claims Management Company to raise a complaint with ReAssure?

No.  If you’ve got a problem with a Reassure product, or our service, you can simply contact us directly.  It takes the same amount of time, your issue will be investigated in the same manner and you would be entitled to keep 100% of any compensation that may be payable.

What should I consider before choosing a Claims Management Company?

Although most CMCs do not charge advance fees, some companies may ask you to pay in advance.  This is usually refunded if your claim for compensation is not successful.  It’s advisable to ‘shop around’ before deciding to use a CMC.

Before using the services of a Claims Management Company you should make sure that:

  • the company you are looking at using is regulated by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ);
  • you understand the agreement you are entering into;
  • you understand any fees they will charge you and ask for full written information about the service they offer.  Make sure you understand what it will cost and the time it will take before entering into an agreement.

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