New date set for the proposed transfer from Legal & General to ReAssure

We recently deferred the proposed transfer but have now set a new transfer date of 7 September 2020.

[This story was published on 6 July 2020]

We’ve updated key information about the transfer below:

In March 2020 the High Court hearing took place to consider the proposed transfer. Because of the fast-developing global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Legal & General and ReAssure asked the Court to adjourn the hearing until the situation had stabilised. The Court agreed to this request.

The Court hearing will now recommence on 13 August 2020. If the High Court approves the proposed transfer, it will take place on 7 September 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic may mean that the Court hearing is conducted remotely.

Jersey and Guernsey hearings

The Jersey Court hearing scheduled for March 2020 was postponed and has been re-scheduled for 26 August 2020.

A Guernsey Court hearing is scheduled for 28 August, but will only be held if the Guernsey Court decides a hearing is necessary.

Independent Expert Supplementary Report and other updates

Around two weeks before the High Court hearing, we’ll publish a new Independent Expert Supplementary Report on our dedicated transfer page. This will contain comment on the latest status of the proposed transfer.

You can visit the same page to find important documents relating to the transfer.

We’ll also publish further stories on this website if anything changes, or we have more details to give you.