ReAssure signs up to Funeral Pledge

ReAssure is delighted to sign up to the Funeral Pledge, one of the Protection Distributors Group (PDG) initiatives.


The PDG is a group of leading financial advisers whose mission is to encourage insurers to deliver better outcomes and help families. We talk regularly to the PDG and we are really proud to be the first major consolidator to sign up to one of their initiatives.

The Funeral Pledge helps families where they need to pay funeral costs but insurers haven’t been able to pay the claim due to probate not being resolved.

Here at ReAssure we’re always looking for ways to help our policyholders and their loved ones and provide a better customer experience. The Funeral Pledge is a great way of doing just this and shows that we have listened to what our customers are telling us.

We now have the ability to release up to £10,000 straight to a Funeral Director, which will really help the families of our policyholders at this difficult time. We hope to ease the worry for relatives of our policyholders by letting them know upfront, that this is something we can do to help when probate is delayed.

You can find out more about the PDG here.