We’ve updated the ReAssure Now Terms of Use

On 31 May 2023 we updated the ReAssure Now Access Terms of Use for customers and Financial Advisers to Edition 6.

Changes to the ReAssure Now Access Terms of Use from May 2023

You’ll be asked to review and accept the updated terms the next time you log in to your ReAssure Now account, so we wanted to let you know what we’ve changed and what these changes mean for you.

What’s new?

We’ve added a new definition to explain that Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) will be available in ReAssure Now from the end of July 2023. This feature will give ReAssure Now account holders the option to add an extra layer of security when they log into ReAssure Now.

What’s changed?

We’ve simplified the language used in our Terms (for example, expressions such as ‘The user’ in the Customer Agreement becomes ‘you’ and ‘the Online Services’ becomes ‘ReAssure Now’).

We’ve made some minor wording updates throughout the Agreement as part of a general review, to improve the readability and make the information clearer.

The Definitions have been updated to reflect any new terminology introduced and we’ve removed any definitions that are no longer used within the Agreement.

For Financial Advisers, we’ve removed the separate Schedule and incorporated it into the main body of the Agreement.

We’ll only vary the terms of the Agreement if we need to for legal or regulatory requirements or if we make improvements to the portal, and we’ll notify you in advance if we make any changes to the terms that will materially affect you.

What do I need to do?

We record your acceptance of the Terms of Use when you tick to confirm you’ve read and agree to the updated terms. This helps us to make sure you’re always shown the updated terms and can review them before proceeding to your account. The next time you log in to your ReAssure Now account after the changes take effect you’ll automatically be prompted to read and accept the new terms.

What if I don’t accept the new terms?

Acceptance of the Terms of Use forms part of the Agreement for using ReAssure Now.

If you don’t wish to accept the updated terms, you won’t be able to access your ReAssure Now account. You’ll still be able to get information and make changes to your policy by contacting us in writing, over the phone or via our Help centre.