It’s important to review your funds regularly to make sure that what you’re invested in matches your attitude to risk and future plans:

Policyholder details

Please complete the details below so we can match your request to your policy. If you're a former Barclays Life or Retirement Account customer and want to make a fund switch you should call 0800 197 5616.

Fund Switching details

All you need to do is tell us the funds that you want to be invested in once the switch is complete. Read your original policy documents if you're not sure what funds are available to you, or call us and we can tell you.

If you have a Retirement Account or a drawdown pension you can also use ReAssure’s investment pathways, click here to find out more.

Income distribution funds

Some products allow investment in funds that can provide income at set times through the year. The income is created by fund growth which can either be reinvested back into your policy or paid to you as a one off payment. You will need to use our income distribution form rather than telling us through this form.

What happens next?

If you're happy with your choices above then all you need to do is click ‘submit fund switch' below. The request will be sent electronically to us, and if it's submitted:

  • Before 5pm (UK time) we'll process your fund switch using prices available on the following working day
  • From 5pm onwards (UK time) we'll process your fund switch using prices available in two working days

We'll write to you to confirm that we've completed the switch in the next 10 working days.