We’re currently in the process of moving policies belonging to ReAssure Life Limited customers to our industry-leading administration system. This will bring these customers closer to the service and proposition enjoyed by other ReAssure customers, including our secure online portal, ReAssure Now.

The primary change that’s taking place is the move to a different administration system, so most of our customers won’t notice many changes. We’re currently expecting to make this change towards the end of 2021.

The policies will continue to be looked after by ReAssure Life Limited and administered under the ReAssure brand. The products being moved are the same as those involved in the 2020 rebrand from Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance, and you can view a list of these products below.

How are you keeping customers informed?

We’ll contact our customers to confirm any changes that will affect their policies and to tell customers who currently use the Online Customer Centre about the upgrade to ReAssure Now. You can also find out more about this here.

We’ll regularly update this page with any new information that’s available.

What’s changing for advisers?

We want to make it easy for you to keep up to date with your clients’ policies. Towards the end of 2021 we’re moving all Financial Advisers from Adviser View to our secure online portal – ReAssure Now.

You can find out more about this change and what you can do on ReAssure Now here.

We’ll be communicating with advisers about changes that affect them and we’ll also update this page with any new information that’s available.

What changes were made in 2020?

On 13 June 2020 Old Mutual Wealth Life Assurance Limited became ReAssure Life Limited, which operates under the ReAssure brand. We’ve set up a page which includes the key information we published on this website when the rebrand took place.

Find out more

Which products are affected by the changes?

Here’s a list of products that are affected by this change. These are all products that were included in the rebrand in 2020.

Personal Pension Scheme (PPS)

Personal Pension (PP1 – PP6)

Buy Out Bond (BB6)

Personal Contracted Out Bond (PCO)

Personal Retirement Account (PRA)

Select Personal Pension Account (SPA)

Free Standing Pension (FS1 – FS4)

Free Standing AVC Account (ACA)

Framlington Monthly Premium Pension Plan (FRM)

Framlington Single Premium Pension Plan (FRS)

Framlington Annual Premium Pension Plan (FRA)

Skandia Pension Plan (SPP)

Independent Pension Plan (IPP)

Independent Pension Bond (IPB)

Series 2 Pension Trustee Bond (TI2)

Series 5 Pension Trustee Bond (TI5)

Series 6 Pension Trustee Bond (TI6)

Trustee Retirement Account (TRA)

Institutional Investment Plan (IIP)

Personal Retirement Income Account (DAA)

Personal Pension Income Plan (DA1 – DA3, DA6)

Employee Benefit Plan (EBP)

Directors Plan (DP)

Executive Pension Plan (EPP)

Self-Administered Pension (SAP)

Executive Pension Scheme (EPS)

Executive Pension (EP1 – EP6)

Executive Retirement Account (ERA)

Maximum Investment Plan (MIP)

Skandia Endowment Plan (SEP)

Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP)

Capital Investment Bond (CIB)

Flexible Investment Bond (FIB)

High Investment Bond (HIB)

Capital and Income Bond (CAB)

Skandia Investment Bond (SIB)

Assured Performance Bond (APB)

Skandia Distribution Bond (SDB)

PETA Bond – Pure Endowment and Term Assurance (PEB)

Enhanced Allocation Bond (EAB)

The Skandia Plan (TSP)

Skandia Lifetime Plan (SLP)

Permanent Protection Plan (PPP)

Protect Life Cover (LC1)

Protect Critical Illness Cover (CI1)

Protect Long Term Care (LT1)